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Accessories – Odds and Sods

Odds and Sods and Gift Ideas. We also often have a selection of interesting knives on the Bayonets and Knives page.

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.50 BMG Bottle Openers

Fantastic bottle openers made from .50 Browning rounds and with our logo on them, make super stocking fillers. We have been using one at home for about three years and it’s still going strong. They will tarnish with time and use.  £15.00

Bottle Opener  Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener


BOOK - Conquest of the Empire Defence of the Realm. The British Soldier's Rifle 1800 to 2014

This is the story of the soldiers’ rifles and of the men who invented and developed a series of arms which, while vastly different in operation as the years passed, all offered the British fighting soldier of his day as fine a weapon as issued to any contemporary army in the world. Including the Baker rifle, Brunswick, Pattern 1853 series, Snider, Martini Henry, Lee Metford, Lee Enfield, SLR & SA80. 408 pages with 395 full colour and 60 B&W photographs of service issue rifles, history of issue and manufacture, the work will help collectors to identify, authenticate and enjoy Ordnance pattern arms and their markings. £75.00

The British Soldiers Rifle Book  The British Soldiers Rifle Book

The British Soldiers Rifle Book  The British Soldiers Rifle Book

The British Soldiers Rifle Book


BOOK - Death Rattle The British Soldier's Machine Gun 1870 to 2015

‘Death Rattle’, the story of machine guns in British service, on land, at sea and in the air; the men who invented them, men and women who manufactured them, and men and women who used, and still use, them in service of their country. From the Gatling to the Minimi, 512 pages with 517 colour & B & W photographs, illustrated with weapons from the British Army collection at Warminster and private collections in the UK and US including Stens, Brens, Vickers, Lewis, Hotchkiss, Maxim, Gardner, Besa, Thompson, Lanchester, Sterling, GPMG, Brownings and other limited service weapons. £80.00

Death Rattle Book  Death Rattle Book

Death Rattle Book  Death Rattle Book

Death Rattle Book  Death Rattle Book


Hammergun and Shotgun Locks A120 - A129

We have plenty of hammergun locks which are of superb quality that have been reclaimed from guns that have come to the end of their useful life.   They make excellent ornaments and are also very attractive framed.   Typically £250.00 a pair.

Stock No A120 A and B

StkNo A120A  Stk No A120A

StkNo A120B  StkNo A120B

Stock No A121 A and B

StkNo A121A  StkNo A121A

StkNo A121B  StkNo A121B

Stock No A122 A and B

StkNo A122A  StkNo A122A

StkNo A122B  StkNo A122B

Stock No A123 A and B

StkNo A123A   StkNo A123A

StkNo A123B   StkNo A123B

Stock No A124 A and B

StkNo A124A  StkNo A124A

StkNo A124B  StkNo A124B

Stock No A125 A and B

StkNo A125A  StkNo A125A

StkNo A125B  StkNo A125B

Stock No A126 A and B

StkNo A126A  StkNo A126A

StkNo A126B  StkNo A126B

Stock No A127 A and B

StkNo A127A  StkNo A127A

StkNo A127B  StkNo A127B

Stock No A128 A and B

StkNo A128A  StkNo A128A

StkNo A128B  StkNo A128B

Stock No A129 A and B

StkNo A129A  StkNo A129A

StkNo A129B StkNo A129B