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Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar A157

Need a new Chronograph? Well this is certainly worth a look!
With the Chronograph era over Labradar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows and Paintball. Labradar performance exceeds any consumer level velocity acquisition system. The Labradar works by continuous wave Doppler radar and advanced digital signal processing technologies to collect projectile velocity data. It continually measures velocities up to 100 yards depending upon the size of the bullet. (Smaller bullets do not track as far as large bullets.)
Doppler Radar is the most precise method of measuring velocities available. Its accuracy is not dependent on light conditions or being exactly parallel to photo electric sensors resulting in the false readings we are all so used to with conventional chronograph set-ups. There is no shooting through a small confined area. No dealing with optimal lighting conditions as unlike most light sensing chronographs Labradar is not affected by changes in environmental conditions such as temperature, changing light conditions, rain etc.
No stopping the firing line to set up and take down equipment. To setup the Labradar simply place the Labradar beside the shooter, not downrange where other systems are prone to damage, point it towards the target and you’re ready to go, Labradar is designed to set beside the shooter as it is triggered by the weapon muzzle blast. Currently it is not possible to trigger the radar at a downrange location.
It tracks and obtains true velocities continuously. Each shot series provides Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread. Being accurate with subsonic, transonic and supersonic projectiles. The Labradar records a virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.  Then you can download your data to a PC for later PC analysis, also smartphone, tablet and iPad compatible.
Multiple distances for velocity display are user definable on the unit. Labradar measures velocities up to 3,900 f.p.s. with 0.1% accuracy. Labradar is not dependant on any light source and can be used indoors/outdoors in all weather conditions. Individual shots display velocities at muzzle and up to five additional distances along with Kinetic Energy at each distance. The data is downloadable via USB or SD card (supplied).  Built in IPSC / IDPA Power Factor Calculator.  Mounts on standard ¼ x 20 tripod thread. (tripod not included).
Advanced tracking radar:

  • Up to 100 shot per series with up to 9,999 series
  • Records velocities from 65 fps to 3,900 fps
  • Metric or Standard velocity and distance reporting
  • Delete shot function
  • Kinetic Energy calculation
  • IPSC / IDPA Power Factor calculation
  • Power down with no-memory loss
  • USB and SD card downloads of stored data for PC use
  • Battery status indicator
  • Large 3.5” display
  • 6 AA battery operation (not included) It can also be powered from an external USB power pack.
  • Operating Temperature range (15°F to 110°F)

Available from stock and to order.
Stock No A157

Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157

Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157 Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157


.303 No4 Barrel by Criterion A140

We have a small number of brand new .303 barrels for Lee Enfield No4 rifles made by Criterion in the US. Manufactured to exacting standards and with the correct number, depth and pitch of rifling grooves, correct profile and bayonet lugs. Phosphate finish (could easily be Suncorite painted if desired. £500.00 fitted and proofed.
Stock Number A140

.303 No4 Barrel by Criterion A140 .303 No4 Barrel by Criterion A140

.303 No4 Barrel by Criterion A140 .303 No4 Barrel by Criterion A140



No4 Slings A100

I usually have a selection of Lee Enfield rifle slings in various colours and some dated examples, price typically £10-£25.
Stock No A100

Slings StkNoA100



SMLE No1Mk3 Magazine A95

.303 SMLE Mk3 & Mk3* magazines available, good used condition.   £25.00
Stock No A95

Magazine StkNoA95



I always have a good selection of target sights including some unusual examples, please do email me with any particular requirements.

Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle - SOLD

A very rare opportunity to acquire a set of original Lattey Sniper sights for a .303 SMLE. Officially approved on 28th September 1915 the simple Galilean telescope sights developed by Captain Lattey were the first adopted Sniper sight used by the British Army and finsing a set today is very difficult indeed. This set are in very good order with clear lenses and make an essential addition to any Lee Enfield, Great War or Sniper collection. £SOLD
Stock No LGS1

Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1 Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1

Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1 Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1

Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1 Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1

Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1 Lattey Sniper Sights for No1MK3 Rifle StkNoLGS1


Enfield No8 Rearsight A149

.22 Enfield No8 service rearsight in unissued condition, Fazakerly marked. £95.00
Stock No A149

Enfield No8 Rearsight StkNoA149 Enfield No8 Rearsight StkNoA149


.303 P14 A J Parker T.Z.3/49 target sight A999

.303 P14 A J Parker T.Z.3/49 target sight, very good order and matching numbers.   £150.00
Stock No A999



.303 P14 A J Parker T.Z.14.35 target sight A998

.303 P14 A J Parker T.Z.14.35 target sight, Good order and matching numbers.   £150.00
Stock No A998



.303 A J Parker T.Z. 4/47 rear sight for a No4 rifle A994

.303 A J Parker T.Z. 4/47 rear sight for a No4 rifle. All matching numbers.   £250.00
Stock No A994



.303 A J Parker 8/53 rear sight for a No4 rifle A993

.303 A J Parker 8/53 rear sight for a No4 rifle.  Rare.   £195.00
Stock No A993



7.62 Bren Ladder Sight A23

As new ladder sight for the 7.62mm BREN conversions.   £45.00
Stock No A23

Sight StkNoA23  Sight StkNoA23


P17 Rearsight A33

Remington Marked P17 .30-06 rearsight in very good order.   £45.00
Stock No A33

Sight StkNoA33  Sight StkNoA33


Mk II Ladder Sight A31

War Expedient produced rearsight for the No4Mk1 rifle coded to BSA.   £25.00
Stock No A31

Sight StkNoA31  Sight StkNoA31


BSA No9C Target Sight A61

BSA No9C 1912 pattern target sight and plate together with 6 hole iris for a Long Lee or SMLE rifle, lovely condition throughout.   £250.00
Stock No A61

Sight StkNoA61  Sight StkNoA61


Parker Hale PH4 Rearsight A62 A65

Parker Hale PH4 rear target sight for all Lee Enfield No4, No5, No7, No8 & No9 rifles allowing for fine elevation and windage adjustment, rare items now, several available. £195.00
Stock No A62, 65

Sight StkNoA65  Sight StkNoA65

Sight StkNoA67  Sight StkNoA67  Sight StkNoA67

Sight StkNoA62  Sight StkNoA62  Sight StkNoA62


SMLE Rear Tangent Sight A64

Service Windage Adjustable rearsight for a No1Mk3, bearing one number: 10082.   £125.00
Stock No A64

Sight StkNoA64  Sight StkNoA64


SMLE Rear Tangent Sight A63

Service sight for a .303 No1Mk3* SMLE, un-numbered   £75.00
Stock No A63

Sight StkNoA63  Sight StkNoA63


Parker Hale PH5B Sight A66

Parker Hale PH5B target sight for a P14 service rifle, very good condition and matching numbers.   £195.00
Stock No A66

Sight StkNoA66  Sight StkNoA66

Sight StkNoA66  Sight StkNoA66


Canada Tool Co Target Sight A70

Very rare and unusual Canada Tool & Speciality Co target rearsight for a Ross, Long Lee or Martini .303 rifle.   Very unusual and in very good condition indeed.   £395.00
Stock No A70

Sight StkNoA70  Sight StkNoA70


AJ Parker TZ3/53 Target Sight A71

Scarce AJ Parker TZ3/53 target sight for a P14 or P17 service rifle, matching numbers and in very good order throughout.   £195.00
Stock No A71

Sight StkNoA71  Sight StkNoA71

Sight StkNoA71


Swedish M/55 Sniper Sight A74

Rearsight for the Swedish M/41B sniper rifle, these will fit the M/96 and M/38 rifles without modification.   £95.00
Stock No A74

Sight StkNoA74  Sight StkNoA74


AJ Parker Model 8/53 Sight A75-78

A J Parker 8/53 rear sight for a No4 rifle family, very useful on a No8. Rare.   £195.00
Stock No A75, A76, A77, A78, A78a

Sight StkNoA75  Sight StkNoA76

Sight StkNoA77  Sight StkNoA78

Sight StkNoA78a


Parker Hale PH5E4 Sight A115

Parker Hale PH5E4 rearsight – the correct sight for an Enfield Enforcer (often missing) and also often fitted to L39’s or Envoys, body plate specific to Mk2 actions.   Matching numbers.   £350.00
Stock No A115

StkNoA115  StkNoA115

StkNoA115  StkNoA115


Parker Hale 6 - hole iris A117

Parker Hale 6-hole iris.   £45.00
Stock No A117



Parker Hale 6-hole iris A118

Parker Hale 6-hole iris.   £45.00
Stock No A118



Lee Enfield Battle Sight A80 A81 A83

Wartime Expedient No4Mk1 battle sights, many different makers available.   £15.00
Stock No A80, A81, A83

Sight StkNoA80

Sight StkNoA81

Sight StkNoA83


Sight Body Parker Hale PH5E4 A84

Parker Hale PH5E4 sight body.   £50.00
Stock No A84

Sight StkNoA84  Sight StkNoA84


Parker Hale P14 Foresight Cover A90

Foresight Cover for a P14 rifle, Parker Hale No134C.   £75.00
Stock No A90

StkNoA90 StkNoA90


Mauser G98 Muzzle Protector A91

Rare Mauser G98 Muzzle protector.   £150.00
Stock No A91

StkNoA91  StkNoA91


7.62 Enfield Charger Bridge Insert A88

7.62mm Lee Enfield Charger Bride insert and clips.   £95.00
Stock No A88

StkNoA88  StkNoA88


Reproduction Ross Scope Mount A99

Reproduction Ross Sniper Rifle Telescope Mount.   £POA
Stock No A99