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Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar A157

Need a new Chronograph? Well this is certainly worth a look!
With the Chronograph era over Labradar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows and Paintball. Labradar performance exceeds any consumer level velocity acquisition system. The Labradar works by continuous wave Doppler radar and advanced digital signal processing technologies to collect projectile velocity data. It continually measures velocities up to 100 yards depending upon the size of the bullet. (Smaller bullets do not track as far as large bullets.)
Doppler Radar is the most precise method of measuring velocities available. Its accuracy is not dependent on light conditions or being exactly parallel to photo electric sensors resulting in the false readings we are all so used to with conventional chronograph set-ups. There is no shooting through a small confined area. No dealing with optimal lighting conditions as unlike most light sensing chronographs Labradar is not affected by changes in environmental conditions such as temperature, changing light conditions, rain etc.
No stopping the firing line to set up and take down equipment. To setup the Labradar simply place the Labradar beside the shooter, not downrange where other systems are prone to damage, point it towards the target and you’re ready to go, Labradar is designed to set beside the shooter as it is triggered by the weapon muzzle blast. Currently it is not possible to trigger the radar at a downrange location.
It tracks and obtains true velocities continuously. Each shot series provides Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread. Being accurate with subsonic, transonic and supersonic projectiles. The Labradar records a virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.  Then you can download your data to a PC for later PC analysis, also smartphone, tablet and iPad compatible.
Multiple distances for velocity display are user definable on the unit. Labradar measures velocities up to 3,900 f.p.s. with 0.1% accuracy. Labradar is not dependant on any light source and can be used indoors/outdoors in all weather conditions. Individual shots display velocities at muzzle and up to five additional distances along with Kinetic Energy at each distance. The data is downloadable via USB or SD card (supplied).  Built in IPSC / IDPA Power Factor Calculator.  Mounts on standard ¼ x 20 tripod thread. (tripod not included).
Advanced tracking radar:

  • Up to 100 shot per series with up to 9,999 series
  • Records velocities from 65 fps to 3,900 fps
  • Metric or Standard velocity and distance reporting
  • Delete shot function
  • Kinetic Energy calculation
  • IPSC / IDPA Power Factor calculation
  • Power down with no-memory loss
  • USB and SD card downloads of stored data for PC use
  • Battery status indicator
  • Large 3.5” display
  • 6 AA battery operation (not included) It can also be powered from an external USB power pack.
  • Operating Temperature range (15°F to 110°F)

Available from stock and to order.
Stock No A157

Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157

Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157 Labradar – Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar StkNoA157


Anschutz Variable Iris A154

Anschutz variable iris (0.9mm-1.6mm) £75.00
Stock No A154

Anschutz Variable Iris StkNoA154 Anschutz Variable Iris StkNoA154


Anschutz Target Rearsight A153

Anschutz target rearsight suitable for a Match 54, 1807/1907 or similar. Right handed and in good order. £150.00
Stock No A153

Anschutz Target Rearsight StkNoA153 Anschutz Target Rearsight StkNoA153

Anschutz Target Rearsight StkNoA153 Anschutz Target Rearsight StkNoA153


AG Parker Model 2 Foresight A32

An AG Parker Model 2 tunnel foresight in good, unaltered condition.   Suit a BSA Martini or similar.   £45.00
Stock No A32

Foresight - StkNoA32


BSA No8 Martini .22 Target Sight A22

BSA No8 Target sight for a .22 Martini target rifle in very nice order, £195.00
Stock No A22

Sight StkNoA22 Sight StkNoA22

Sight StkNoA22


Matchmaker Alfred Parker Birmingham Foresights A29

Various Matchmaker tunnel foresights in stock £75.00
Stock No A29

Foresight StkNoA29 Foresight StkNoA29

Sight StkNoA38 Sight StkNoA38

Sight StkNoA46 Sight StkNoA46

Sight StkNoA36 Sight StkNoA36

Sight StkNoA30 Sight StkNoA30


John Wilkes Precision Foresight A45

John Wilkes Precision tunnel foresight with standard, unaltered dovetail to fit L39/Envoy Etc. £45.00
Stock No A45

Sight StkNoA45 Sight StkNoA23


John Wilkes Precision Foresight A26

John Wilkes Precision tunnel foresight for BSA international .22 target rifles. £45.00
Stock No A26

Sight StkNoA37 Sight StkNoA37


PH 7A Sight For Spares A34

PH7A rearsight for spares – missing the elevation detent and spring and the elevation knob is sheared. £25.00
Stock No A34

Sight StkNoA34 Sight StkNoA34


Canada Tool Co Target Sight A70

Very rare and unusual Canada Tool & Speciality Co target rearsight for a Ross, Long Lee or Martini .303 rifle. Very unusual and in very good condition indeed. £395.00
Stock No A70

Sight StkNoA70 Sight StkNoA70


Parker Hale PH17 Sight A72

Parker Hale PH17 target sight, matching numbers and in very good order. £150.00
Stock No A72

Sight StkNoA71 Sight StkNoA72

Sight StkNoA72 Sight StkNoA72


Parker Hale Model 16 A73

Vintage Parker Hale Model 16 rearsight in good condition. £95.00
Stock No A73

Sight StkNoA73 Sight StkNoA73


Martini International Iris A82

A fine infinitely adjustable iris with 6 coloured filters to fit Parker Hale rear target sights, ideal for a Martini International or similar.   £95.00
Stock No A82

Sight StkNoA82 Sight StkNoA82


Parker Hale PH59 6-hole iris A98

Parker Hale PH59 6-hole iris.   £45.00
Stock No A98

Sight StkNoA98 Sight StkNoA98