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Antique and Deactivated Pistols

Here you will find antique and deactivated pistols for range or gallery use. They will conform to my usual standards.

To see the details and pictures of each gun click on the title and the information will open out. To view a larger image select the picture.

To discuss the purchase of any of the antique and deactivated pistols listed below please Contact Me.

J Probin Duelling Pistol

Beautiful and early Duelling/Officers Flint Lock Pistol by J. Probin.   Stubbs Damascus Twist barrel with a mint bore of .64 to take a carbine ball.   Top quality lockwork with bolted safety and “fly” sear to ensure the lock will never catch on half-cock when fired from full cock, roller frizzen, gold lined touch-hole and elegant swan-necked cock.   Original furniture with no damage or cracks, original bone tipped ram rod with worm fitted on the inner end.   £3,450.00
Stock No A130

J Probin Dueling Pistol StkNoA130  DSC_9393J Probin Dueling Pistol StkNoA130