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Shotguns – Large Bore

All shotguns have been checked for proof and function and are described as accurately as possible. Wall thicknesses will have been measured and if found at any point to be less than 25thou this will be mentioned in the description. If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to find something that fits your requirements.

To see the details and pictures of each of our shotguns for sale click on the title and the information will open out. To view a larger image select the picture.

10g J & W Tolley Damascus Hammergun - SOLD

10g J & W Tolley Hammergun with 32 1/4″ Damascus Barrels, Circa 1885.   Recent nitro re-proof for 89mm (3 1/2″) Chambers (from 2 7/8″, and 2 5/8″ when made), sadly no nominal choke in the right tube and only imp. cyl. in the left however it has been jug-bored to pattern better.   32 1/4″ fine twist damascus barrels with bright bores and relieved forcing cones.   Plain action with fine and tasteful border engraving only, Jones under leaver, rebounding back-action locks with percussion fences.   14 1/4″ lop including 1 1/8″ pad and ebonite extension.   A very usable 10g.   £SOLD
Stock No 70

DSC_7436  DSC_7438

DSC_7437  DSC_7439


.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess 1946

.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess, New. Superb Pedersoli reproduction of the 42” Brown Bess, great fun and very nicely made, can go on shotgun certificate if using shot however should be entered on FAC if intending to shoot solid ball. Several available from stock. £1,020.00
Stock No 1946

.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946 .75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946

.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946 .75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946

.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946 .75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946

.75 Pedersoli Brown Bess StkNo1946


8g G E Lewis Hammergun - SOLD

8g G E Lewes Hammergun in very good order.  35″ Damascus Barrels choked 1/2 and 5/8 with recent nitro re-proofed for 82mm cases.   15 1/2 lop including 1 1/2″ extension, rotary underlever action with rebounding bar-action locks.    £SOLD

DSC_7255  DSC_7253

DSC_7256  DSC_7254


8g G E Lewis Double Hammer Gun - SOLD

8g 3 1/4″ Double Hammer Gun.   A rather nice old girl, originally Black Powder proofed, the current owner had her re-proofed for nitro some 40yrs ago (been in the same ownership since the 1960’s) and has hardly used her since.  The 36″ Damascus barrels are bored .820″ (R) and .832″ (L) with very clean bores and with no choke in the right and 3thou in the left, which is right for this age of 8g.   Non-rebounding locks with rotary under leaver with good tight lock-up.  14 3/4″lop with crisp, original, flat-top chequering.  A good, honest usable 8g with a number of cartridges (Eley, lead) to go with it and a specially made Brady Motor Case too.   £SOLD
Stock No SRD26

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DSC_6987  DSC_6989