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Terms – The Devizes Gunsmith

This is a Workshop, not a Retail Shop. As such it is not always tidy, there may be hazards and you must accept that you enter at your own risk. Please use your own common sense to avoid injury.

Hourly Rate £65.00 + Tax charged on all work with parts charged extra.

Entry to The Armoury will only be allowed on production of a current firearms certificate, shotgun certificate, registered firearm dealer certificate or authority from the home office. There are no exceptions to this.

Payment of all invoices due within seven days of invoice date or on collection of goods, whichever is the sooner. Payment may be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer. I do not accept credit or debit cards.

Stock Alterations are carried out entirely at the customers risk. I will advise if I feel that the degree of alteration presents excessive risk of failure or breakage. However all stock bending and casting carries with it the possibility of damage.

Fitting of Moderators and Screwcutting will require the firearm to be submitted for re-proof unless you are an RFD. Both proof houses and the FLA are firm on the requirement. There will be no exceptions to this so please do not ask.

Submission for Proof following work which has rendered a firearm either “out of proof” or “fit for proof” will be carried out on the understanding that I guarantee my work against failure, however the remaining major parts can still fail at proof. This is of particular consideration when sleeving work is carried out on shotguns where older actions can fail at proof. In the event of such failure the work undertaken up to the proof stage must be paid in full.

Storage of Firearms  S1 & S2 will be charged at a rate of £3.00 + Tax per week. S5 storage is charged at £10.00 + Tax per week. All firearms in storage will be kept free of rust to the best of my ability. Firearms left uncollected following repair may attract a storage fee as detailed above if left for more than one calendar month from completion. Guns in storage, both long term and uncollected following repair, are not insured against theft.  Gunslips are left on the premises entirely at the owners own risk, I accept no responsibility for the loss of gunslips left on the premises and would rather they were not left here.  This does not apply to manufacturers fitted motor cases.

Goods supplied by RWS Engineering remain the property of RWS Engineering until payment in full has been received and cleared.

Commission Sales of customers firearms will be subject to a commission rate of 20% inc. Tax levied on the sale price achieved. Firearms sold on commission will not be guaranteed in any way however my opinion will be given to any prospective purchasers. No firearm will be accepted for sale on commission unless it is in a condition making it fit for its intended purpose and with no obvious faults present. The owner will be liable for the cost of any work required to bring it up to a saleable standard.

Second-Hand Firearms (owned and offered for sale by RWS Engineering) will be sold fit for their intended purpose, of proof, cleaned, serviced and function tested. They are not zeroed, however this may be done on request at my standard hourly rate, plus ammunition cost. Second-hand optics fitted to any firearm at the time of purchase are not guaranteed in any way or form.

Persons in Breach of these terms may be asked to leave and barred permanently from the premises.

Rights Reserved to change any or all of the above terms without notice and at any time retained by RWS Engineering.  Acceptance of the above terms is automatic upon lodging any firearm with RWS Engineering.