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Richard in the workshop


Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol Repair, Servicing, Renovation

I do my own machining on site and undertake work for retail shops, other gunmakers and private customers alike.

I undertake all aspects of repair work from simple servicing, to hand-making and fitting the most delicate lock components. When you come to me you are dealing with the person who is working on your gun and takes pride in a reputation for being open and straightforward. I have worked hard to build up a reliable network of contacts across the trade for any work that does need to be sent away.

Unfortunately I do not undertake work on airguns.

Strip, Clean and Regulation

Shotgun Strip and Clean – on Boxlocks, Sidelocks, Side by Side and Over and Unders

Rifle Strip, Clean and Regulate – on Fullbore and Smallbore Target Rifles and Sporting Rifles

Stock Work

Stock Alterations
Fit Basic or Silvers Best London Pad and any Spacers required
Re-Finish Stock and Forend
Cast and/or Bend Alterations

Re-Jointing and Action Tightening

New Pin
Shell Hook
Tighten Bite (Weld Bolt)

Springs, Extractors and Strikers

Top Lever Springs
Boxlock and Sidelock Mainsprings
Extractors Made
New Strikers – Scratch Made and from Blanks

Barrel Work

Raising Dents in Barrels
Fit New Bead
Re-Black Barrels and Furniture
Barrel Sleeving
Bore Gauging and Conditioning
Bedding (pillar, glass or traditional)
Choke Alterations including Patterning for a particular load
Screwcutting, Re-crowning, and Shortening of barrels

Other Services

Custom Sporting Rifles in any calibre built to order
Submission of Firearms for Proof
Repairs and servicing to prohibited weapons under Section 5(1)(a), 5(1)(ab) and 5(1)(aka). This includes humane killers and HAD firearms.
General Repairs – making parts as required
Fitting of Scopes and Mounts
Brokerage of Firearms on Commission
Valuation and Assessment – for insurance, probate and peace of mind
Inspection Prior To Sale or Purchase